Arcadia at eAssessment Question 2018

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Arcadia took part in eAssessment Question 2018 (18-19 April, London) conference. The goal of the conference is to examine how the tools, techniques and technologies of eAssessment can respond to the challenges of the world we live in and provide cost-effective, robust and secure assessment for learning, examinations, and qualifications.

Our specialists presented Arcadia's solution at the stand. Ivan Lavrov presented Arcadia’s solution at a breakout session ‘Arcadia COOP helps testing of teamwork’. He told about the conference and how foreign colleagues reacted to Arcadia’s presentation:

eAssessment is an exhibition organized for partners and friends — everybody can show to current and potential customers new projects and discuss the modern trends in e-assessment и e-learning. Arcadia COOP got into two “hot” trends — adaptive assessment and on-screen marking/checking. Our colleagues from educational organisations praised our project for its applicability, modern technologies and nice design. They got very interested how modern technologies for gathering information about user’s actions and information on passed tests can be interpreted by tools for supporting teacher’s decisions.’

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