Azov Developers Meetup 2017

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Arcadia hosted the third annual conference Azov Developers Meetup 2017 on September, 23 in Taganrog (Russia, Rostov region).

As usual, there was a lot of time for participants to communicate with the speakers and with each other; the most active ones got prizes. After the conference, we had an intellectual afterparty.

The topics we spoke about:

• How to pass an interview with a potential customer—best practices, interesting cases. The speech was interesting both to project managers and to developers.

Vue.js: a new framework for front end—its benefits and internal structure.

From Tester erectus to QA sapiens—a story about a project that demonstrated what a real Quality Assurance is.

• CQRS principle in event-driven web architecture—what is CQRS, and when it is useful.

• Design questions—who are UX/UI designers? What is their role in the web application design process? What does their work process look like? We answered these and other questions.

Clean code in commercial development. Are there limits to perfection?

• SQL or NoSQL? Can they join? We tried to find the ideal method of data storage.

What? Where? When?’ game as a model of team work—or, more exactly, a social and technological model of decision-making. What problems can make a small collective ineffective?

After the conference, we invited everybody to ‘Stage’ club for the afterparty, where every participant took part in the intellectual battle ‘60 seconds’ (a game similar to ‘What? Where? When?’).

More info, presentations and videos (in Russian):

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