Azov Developers Meetup 2018

Table of contents

Arcadia organized Azov Developers Meetup—the 4th annual conference for IT-specialists in Taganrog. Interesting talks, lots of communication and networking—it was a success again.

    What was on the program:
  • Effective non-financial incentives for employees—general overview and Arcadia's experience.
  • Performance diagnostics of .NET applications in production.
  • QA with limited resources.
  • ORM vs. SQL—where is the truth?
  • Accessibility. Users with UNlimited abilities.
  • Microservices in containers—our experience.
  • Emotional intelligence—why we make important decisions by heart and how it is good or bad for our work.
  • UI component libraries: from chaos to harmony.
  • Data science in life sciences.
  • Artificial Intelligence based wellbeing coach for students.

More info (in Russian):

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