We have been building market data intelligence and price reporting solutions for over 10 years. We know that users’ expectations of the accuracy, stability, and performance of data delivery are high, so we pay special attention to designing scalable architecture, choosing performing technologies and setting up a managed development process.

Data is the blood of the digital economy—Investors need business and market news with prices in real time, in any place and from any device.

Solutions We’ve Developed

Market Intelligence

  • Publishing automation system
  • Market data analysis and reporting
  • Investment research and survey management
  • Stock exchange data reporting

Price Reporting

  • Commodity price reporting and analytics
  • Live prices and forecasts for the financial markets
  • Integrations with commodity exchanges
  • News on commodity and exchange prices

Why Choose Arcadia

  • 28 years of IT experience

  • Expertise in diverse technologies and domains

  • Focused on building long-term relationships

  • 100% of employees speak English

  • Highly skilled and dedicated teams

  • Intellectual property rights protection

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